Allergy Services

What is an Allergy?

Allergy is a condition, often inherited, in which the immune system of the affected person reacts to something that can be eaten, touched, or inhaled. The patient’s immune system reacts to this substance as if it were an “enemy invader” (like a virus). This reaction leads to symptoms that often adversely affect the patient’s work, play, rest, and overall quality of life.

Who should treat my Allergies?

An Otolaryngic Allergist is able to diagnose and treat disorders of the upper respiratory tract (ear, nose, throat etc.) caused by allergic conditions. Dr Montgomery has over 20 years of experience and is board certified in Otolaryngology. In addition he has a subspecialty interest in Allergy. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy demonstrating competence and experience in this field of medicine

Treating Allergies without shots with Drop Therapy

In the past allergy shots were the only effective method of changing how one reacts to various allergies.  We can now offer you another choice, Allergy Drop Therapy also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy. Drops can be administered at home under your tongue and do not need refrigeration. Sublingual Immunotherapy is both effective and extremely safe. The World Health Organization has endorsed Sublingual Immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection therapy.

Currently most insurance companies including Medicare cover allergy evaluation and testing. However drop therapy itself is not covered. Since the cost of the drops is quite reasonable it is often lower or comparable to office visit co-pays for shots. You will also be able to avoid frequent doctor’s office visits and frequent time off from work.

Let us help you with your allergies.

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