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Sonic Sound Studio Allows More Precise Fittings

New Sound Studio from Sonic is a sound player tool for fitting and verification supported in EXPRESSfit 2016.1 fitting software. Sound Studio creates sound scenes that enable hearing care professionals to set the stage for more customized fittings and greater patient satisfaction.

The series of virtual sound scenes allows patients to experience multiple sound sources in a specific environment in the comfort and convenience of the office. Scenes can be customized to reflect individual patient listening situations and hearing care professionals have the option of importing sound files to demonstrate additional sound environments.

“The new Sound Studio offers a number of practical applications that enhance the fitting process and result in a hearing solution tailored to the hearing needs and preferences of each patient,” explained Joseph A. Lugara, Sonic President & Chief Operating Officer.

Sound Studio can be used in hearing aid evaluations to demonstrate noise reduction and directional technologies.

Hearing care practitioners can also fine-tune hearing aid fittings by adjusting the frequency shape for specific environments. Sound Studio allows practitioners to enhance the patient counseling experience with easy demonstrations of specific hearing aid functionalities.

Sound Studio supports up to eight channels on a PC sound card. With a built-in calibration function, Sound Studio enables independent volume adjustments and does not interfere with other sound players on the fitting PC.